As supply chains become increasingly complex, the people who manage them need increasingly powerful tools. Big-box retailers have extensive, well-paid teams of information technology professionals dedicated to building and maintaining their computer systems for tracking inventory, warehousing, distribution, customers, promotions, sales and service. Multinational manufacturers have extensive, well-paid teams of professionals building and maintaining information technology systems for them.

Where do you fit into this system? How can a manufacturer that focuses on excellence, rather than volume, coordinate with independent pro-shops? How can a single retailer that focuses on customer service and genuine experience organize and communicate with all of its diverse suppliers? How do modest scale businesses keep up with increased expectations for timely delivery and efficient business processes?

Introducing LinkEdge...

At Leum Technologies, we have built a solution to these problems called LinkEdge. It is a state-of-the-art information technology system that allows independent vendors to work directly and seamlessly with independent retailers.

LinkEdge is built on the same enterprise-scale technologies that the largest manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the world use. LinkEdge provides you a secure login to a world-class database for you to store your product offerings, pricing models, inventory quantities, and availability. All of the information about your business is completely under your control and is hidden to the world, until a dealer requests a Link to you.