With our cloud-based solution, there are no more expensive servers to purchase and no more worrying about backing up your data. And, in the unlikely event that your Internet connection is lost, you can still process sales transactions offline!

Universal Product Library

The Universal Product Library (UPL) provides two important benefits. First, it offers a preloaded list of products that can be used within your business without having to take the time to type these products into your system. The 2nd thing the UPL does is to allow wholesalers and retailers the ability to link and share a list of common products between them for the purposes of ordering, receiving, and selling these products.


When you link to a participating vendor, you will be able to download their product catalogs, check real-time quantities and your cost, send orders electronically, and pay for your order using a credit card.


The LinkEdge Browser is a complete Point-Of-Sale system that includes support for scanning barcodes, swiping credit cards, printing receipts, printing barcode labels, and opening a cash drawer. This system allows you to create quotes, layaways, work orders, sales, refunds, and down-payment transactions as well as receive cash, check, and credit card payments using our integrated payment processing engine.


LinkEdge offers a multitude of reports for managing your business. These reports include Daily Cash Drawer, Sales Tax, Use Tax, Cost of Goods Sold, Sales Activity, Down Payments, Refunds, To Be Scheduled, Serialized Items Sold, Work Completed - Not Paid, Current Inventory, and Unreconciled Inventory. There is an elegant Dashboard view that graphically shows the trend lines of your business.


A full-featured appointment scheduler is built into the LinkEdge Browser. The scheduler can be used to create appointments for employees by location and with customers. In addition, transactions can be attached to appointments or created from the appointment. Views include day, week, and month as well as a comprehensive view of all employees at once.

Inventory Control

The LinkEdge Browser includes a full offering of tools for managing inventory. These include views for current inventory, low inventory, and unreconciled inventory as well as the ability to track and manage serialized products.

Customer Management

No retail system is complete without customer relationship management. LinkEdge gives you the ability to store and manage customers, their transactions, and related appointments in an intuitive and easy to use interface.