Consider your first steps in implementing a retail management solution. After entering or importing a customer list and setting up your employee accounts, you need to define the products and services offered by your store. This can be tedious and time consuming. LinkEdge makes it easier by using our Universal Product Library (UPL). Now, you can select a product off of your store shelf that has a barcode and scan that item into LinkEdge. Chances are, it will be found in the UPL and you can add it to your store by answering Yes.

This ever-growing list of products within our UPL has been assembled from the catalogs of vendors within your industry. These products are kept up to date as new products are made available by your vendors. It is a unique and competitive advantage of LinkEdge that makes it easier for you to buy from your vendors and easier for you to sell products to your customers.

Our LinkEdge Browser Application is a key element of the LinkEdge Retail Network. It is not just a point-of-sale & retail management solution. It’s a new way for retailers to connect to and buy from vendors while at the same time selling these products to their customers through a traditional store-front or using our online store option.

A vendor link is an opportunity to work together. It is the mechanism by which vendors can share products, pricing, and inventory levels with retailers, and retailers can share purchase order, sales forecasting data, and warranty registrations with vendors. A link makes it easier for businesses to do business with each other. When you link to a vendor, you have immediate access to their on-line product catalog. You can then build an order using real-time quantity and price levels from that vendor, all from within LinkEdge. When you finish an order in LinkEdge, a linked vendor receives the order instantly. Once they accept it, you are notified instantly. And so, the same system that you use for retail management provides seamless on-line ordering.

LinkEdge will reduce steps, improve work flow, and increase efficiency within your business. We look forward to you becoming part of the LinkEdge Retail Network and working with us to bring the advantages of information technology and improved supply chain management to your industry!