It has been our observation that store owners often keep a lot of information in their heads. We offer up LinkEdge as a way to record routine information so that you may focus on other things that are more important. Because LinkEdge keeps track of every item in your store and every transaction you’ve done, you can spend more time with your customers and less time managing your business.

The application maintains a customer list with full contact information and a complete transaction history. LinkEdge also maintains an employee list. Each employee is given their own secure login and it is easy to restrict the permissions on these accounts.

You may install LEBA on as many computers as you want. It is not uncommon to use one at the front counter for point-of-sale, one in a back room for placing orders and printing labels, and one at home for monitoring and analyzing business activity. By using your high speed internet connection, all of these computers will be connected in real-time to the same data which is stored securely & redundantly “in the cloud.” This makes LinkEdge easy to setup, easy to maintain, and easy to expand as your store grows.

LinkEdge tracks changes in your inventory with each transaction. You can build an order by scanning products. And, when the shipment arrives at your store, scan each item as you remove it from the box and your inventory will be automatically adjusted. As those products are sold from your store, again the inventory is adjusted by using a barcode scanner.

It is easy to set alerts on specific products so that when an item falls below a minimum number, you are prompted that it is time to reorder.

All of this is good stuff and most of it is standard in high quality retail management software. LinkEdge compares favorably with other solutions in terms of ease of use, ease of learning, features, and performance. We believe that our design, pricing and features makes it easy to get started, easy to pay for, and provides excellent value.

If we were to stop at this point, we would have a competitive and compelling offering. However, it is at this point that our story gets really interesting...