Our story begins with state-of-the-art, cloud-based, point-of-sale software called the LinkEdge Browser Application (LEBA). This application will install with just a few clicks on any computer running Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8. LEBA takes input from barcode scanners and credit card readers. It will print nicely formatted labels using a label printer. During a sale, a quick barcode scan adds the price and description of the product to your transaction. When accepting electronic payments, a single credit card swipe will capture the card number, record the transaction, credit your account, and print a paper receipt.

When a sale is complete, you have a complete record of every detail. If a customer returns an item months later, a quick scan of the bar-coded receipt will pull up the original sale. Refunded items are marked clearly, and all of the details of the refund are recorded.

If your store makes cash payouts, these are trivial to record. Within the program, you are able to define any type of payments that you will accept from a customer (e.g. trade-in, coupon, donation, etc.) in addition to cash, check, and credit card. In addition to your products and inventory, you are able to define any type of services or fees that you charge. You are able to group your products by categories nested up to five levels deep. If you wish to offer gift cards, you can activate and redeem cards of any amount without using a 3rd party payment processor. It is easy to see the history on any gift card or the outstanding balance on all of them.

LEBA builds a sale from products, services, fees, and payments. In most cases, a sale will be finished as you conclude your interaction with a customer; however, it may also be kept open for any length of time. If you promised to sell something to a customer at a particular price, create a quote. When the customer comes back to make the purchase, the quote is automatically converted to a sale. Process payments as you receive them from the customer. If the payments do not equal the outstanding balance, the sale will remain open until they do. Every unresolved interaction with your customers can be correctly recorded, precisely accounted for, and kept in one place. If you wish to e-mail a receipt (or maybe an outstanding sale) to a customer, you can do that in 2 clicks of the mouse.