Every time you complete a sale, there is information flowing into your business. A cash register records payments, and it may group sales by department codes. However, think of the information that is lost forever. Who was that customer? What exactly did they buy? How many of those packages do you have left on the shelf? When is it time to reorder that item? Who did you order it from last time? How much did it cost? How much did you sell it for last year? How many of those did you sell last year?

What is your markup for that item? How does that markup compare to other products in your store? Where are you making the most money? Where do you have the most capital tied up in inventory? How much inventory value do you have on the floor? What serial numbers do you have in the store?

That is a lot of questions. At Leum Technologies, we have built a system to provide you with all of these answers. Our system is called LinkEdge.