A "Vendor" may be a wholesaler, a distributor, an independent manufacturer, etc. It is a person or company that you purchase products from. The LinkEdge Vendor Retailer network allows vendor businesses to participate at different levels. We will refer to these as Active, Catalog-Only, and Private. Before jumping into a discussion of these levels, it is important to understand what a LinkEdge Vendor-Retailer Link is. In short, a link is a relationship between two businesses with the understanding that one will sell products to the other.

As a retailer, you are able to submit a link request to any of the participating member vendors in the network. The vendor, in turn, may accept or decline that link request. If the request is accepted, the vendor is required to define a cost-level at which they will sell their products on that link. The LinkEdge cost-level model is flexible and dynamic. If a retailer qualifies for improved pricing for whatever reason, the vendor is able to change the cost-level at any time.

Active Vendor

Catalog-Only Vendor

A Catalog-Only Vendor has sent us their product catalog, and we have entered it into our system. We will work with such vendors to keep their published offerings up-to-date. With this information, you can build a purchase order within the LinkEdge Browser App. When your order is complete, you may print it, and submit it through whatever channel you currently use.

A Catalog-Only Vendor does not receive automatic, on-line orders through our system.

Private Vendor

Once you get into the habit of placing orders through the LinkEdge Browser App, you will have an easy-to-use, searchable, on-line record of the purchases that you have made. Although we strive to include all of the vendors that you might work with in our system, we recognize that we are not going to get complete coverage of the industry. For this reason, the LinkEdge Browser App allows you to define a "private" vendor.

To do this, press [Home, My Business, Vendors, Add]. In Step 1 of the Add Vendor Wizard, chose "My Vendor is not in the list." In the next step you need to provide the appropriate name, address, phone number, & contact information. In the final step, you may add any number of products with their associated codes, descriptions, costs, etc.

A private dealer-defined vendor does not receive automatic, on-line orders through our system.