The LinkEdge Browser App includes a built-in employee Time Clock.

If an employee's work day starts and ends with LinkEdge, they can use the Punch-In and Punch-Out buttons on the main toolstrip. After their Login, they should hit Punch-In. Before their Logout, they should hit Punch-Out. These two actions will define the start and end times of an entry in the time clock table.

For other employees, any account with Management (Home Tab) permission can create an entry in the time clock table by navigating to [Home, My Business, Time Clock] and pressing Add. This will bring up the Time Clock Editor which allows the user to choose the Employee, Start Time and End Time.

If you don't want to allow an employee to directly change Time Clock entries, then set their management permission to be False.

At a later time, you can use the Time Clock Report to view all of the time clock data in a useful format.