Scenario 2.

A customer would like to place an order through your store, and use their credit card to make a $100 down payment.
  1. In the LinkEdge Browser App, switch to the Sell tab.
  2. Press the "Customer: (none)" button, and specificy the correct customer.
  3. Locate the product item that you intend to sell. Either
    • scan the product code,
    • search your existing products list by name,
    • define a new product with: [Home, My Business, Items, Product, Add]
    • or locate a vendor that sells that item, and enter the appropriate code in the Sell Window Search field.
  4. If you want to change the price, double-click the item to Modify the $ amount.
  5. Press the Credit Card button. This will pop up the "Payment Processing" dialog.
  6. Enter $100 in the "Amount Paid:" field.
  7. Mouse click on the field to the right of "Card Number:"
  8. Swipe the credit card through your reader. (The authorization request will be automatically sent.)
  9. Press the Close button on the "Payment Processing" dialog.
  10. If you would like to give the customer a paper receipt, right-mouse-click in the body (list of products and services) of the Sell Window. When the resulting menu pops up, choose either
    • "Print Receipt" or
    • "Preview Invoice" and then Print.
  11. Press the Close button in the Sell Window.
At this point, you have created an unfinished sales transaction. It will remain available in your incomplete sales list until you are ready to accept full payment and Finish the transaction, or until you are ready to add aditional activity to it.

At a later time, you may locate this incomplete sale in several ways. First bring up either

  • a list of all sales [Home, My Business, Transactions, Sales]
  • or a list of the Incomplete Sales (click on the "You have X incomplete sales" alert on the tool ribbon)
If you have a barcode for the sale (e.g. customer is able to hand you a receipt), simply scan it with your bar code reader. Alternately, you may search for the sale by typing the customer name into the Search field.

Please notice that when searching by name you may use first name, or last name, or both in the form "Last, First".