The Activity Report provides the most comprehensive list of business activity. It includes Sales, Refunds, and Orders.

Credit Card Transactions will show all of the credit card charges & refunds.

The Daily Cash Drawer shows cash and check payments for each workstation that is functioning as a point-of-sale system.

The Day Sheet is a one day summary of retail activity: payments received, and the Sales, Down payments, Gift card activations, etc. that balance those payments.

Gift Cards will show a summary of the outstanding balances, or it can show all of the gift card events. It has a filter that allows you to display information about cards with positive, zero, or negative balances.

Sales Tax can be used to determine how much tax has been collected and is owed to the taxing authority.

Retail Sales

Completed Sales and Refunds should be self-explanatory. Together they provide the basic information about retail activity. Sales can also be reported by Category , by Employee , or by Vendor .

The significant fields on the Day Sheet are expanded on in other reports. This image below shows some of the relationships between the Day Sheet and other reports.

The image also shows that the sum of the totals from the top three sections will always balance the total of the Payments in the bottom section. The Down Payments and Other sections are optional, and will not be displayed if all of their numbers are zero.