For retailers, it is an affordable, powerful, full-featured point-of-sale & inventory management system. It includes an unmatched selection of products from your industry in its Universal Product Library. It is trivially easy for retailers to place orders with participating vendors. It can make warranty registration as simple as entering a serial number at the time of sale. It provides a powerful analysis of business data.

For vendors, it provides an affordable, easy-to-use dealer network right out of the box by facilitating and formalizing relationships with retailers. Warranty registration becomes automatic and requires no additional work. Improve your sales forecasting by seeing in real-time how and when your products are selling to consumers within your dealer network. Begin receiving electronic purchase orders from all of your dealers, regardless of whether they use our software. Save time and reduce errors by automatically converting a dealer’s order in their system into an invoice in your system. Make it easier for dealers to do business with you by allowing them the ability to convert your invoice into their purchase order when receiving your products. Preset your dealer pricing levels and assign them automatically when you link to dealers. Managing your dealers is easy with LinkEdge. Just link to your dealers and go!

LinkEdge has the ability to reduce steps, improve work flow, and increase efficiency within your business. We look forward to you becoming part of the LinkEdge Retail Network and working with us to bring the advantages of information technology and improved supply chain management to your business!