In the Product Editor, make sure that "serialized" is turned on. The optimum time for the input of serial numbers is at the time a shipment is received. Although you may add serial numbers at the time of sale, we’ve found that in the middle of a sale, during busy times, input errors or omissions of serial numbers may occur. Be sure the items you are receiving, requiring serial numbers, have the serialized box checked in the product editor.

This is important for 2 reasons:

If you follow this recommended procedure and still have an issue with a past item sold missing a serial number, LinkEdge accommodates you with a feature shown under Home Tab and My Business (in the tree on the left). Choose the icon Missing Serial #’s, and you are presented with a list of Finished Sales with items Missing Serial Numbers. Choose by highlighting the appropriate transaction and right click to modify. At this point you are presented with a list of serial numbers. If there are no serial numbers listed you may check the box which reads My serial number is not in the list. Enter the appropriate serial number and Click OK. This adds the serial number to the past sale without changing the transaction date.

Once you start using serial numbers correctly, the Serialized Inventory and the Serialized Items Sold reports will be useful.