The Reconciler shows up as a window within the LinkEdge Browser App. It allows you to adjust the Quantity field for any of the items that have the Reconciled field set to false. By periodically using reconciliation, you are able to keep the on-line view of your inventory in agreement with what is actually in your shop.

To set the Reconciled field for any particular item, go to [Home, My Business, Items, Products], locate the intended item, Modify it and change the Reconciled value in the Modify Product dialog.

To set the Reconciled field for all of your product items to false, press Unreconcile button on the Reconcile Inventory window. Pressing this button will affect every item in every category -- not just the category shown.

There are two quick ways to change the Reconciled field back to true from within the Reconcile Inventory window.

  • If the item is visible in the window, press Modify and type the Actual Quantity in the resulting popup.
  • With the cursor in the search field, scan the barcode of an item.