As the name implies, the Options Dialog is a place where you are able to make choices. Many of the options that you set on this dialog are also presented to you at other places within the Retail Browser. When this is the case, that context often makes their impact obvious.

Printer Settings

Before going to [Options, Printer settings], you should setup your Receipt Printer and Label Printer. Once that is done, when you go to [Options, Printer settings], there will be a list of choices. Select the correct printer (e.g. ZDesigner LP 2824 Plus) for your label printer, and the correct printer (e.g. "Star TSP 100 Cutter) for your receipt printer. More information about supported hardware is provided here.

POS Mode

Set this value to TRUE on the machine(s) that you use to create sales for your customers. I.e. your point-of-sale workstation. When POS Mode= TRUE , the LinkEdge Browser will store an up-to-date copy of the Items that you sell in a local database. In the event that you lose your connection to the Internet, it is possible to create and record Sales in the LinkEdge offline application. This offline app does not work correctly on a machine where POS Mode=FALSE.

Receipt Footer

Whenever you print a receipt, or an incomplete sale, you may include a comment, sentence, paragraph or more at the bottom of that paper. Specify this text in the Receipt Footer field. It is OK to include carriage-returns and line-feeds in the receipt footer.

Appointment Interval

The choice that you make for an Appointment Interval will influence how the Schedule window works in two ways:
  1. Your choice becomes the default appointment length if you hit the Add (appointment) button.
  2. Your choice is the smallest resolution shown in the Day View.
If you want to see all of your working day at a glance, choose one hour. If you prefer to have finer control over your schedule, turn the appointment interval down to five minutes.

Note Templates

On the Sell Window , when you are creating a sale, it is possible to associate Notes with that sale. In order to save you from typing certain messages over and over, it is possible to define a Note Template, and then just select that into the Sales transaction. To do this:
  1. Select the Note Templates tab on the Options dialog.
  2. Press the Add button.
  3. Type in your description and the template text. (It is the later that shows up in the Sale.)
  4. Press Save.
The notes that you associate with a sale are printed on the paper receipt.