The LinkEdge Browser App presents you with lists in multiple places. You may have lists of customers, lists of sales, lists of product items, lists of orders, etc. In all cases, those lists will show you all of the entries if there are less than 100. If there are more than that, you will be shown the top 100 entries.

"Top 100" is based on a sort order that varies depending on the list. For example, by default, your customer list is sorted by last name. Your sales transactions are sorted by the Date Created. Your products list is sorted by the description field. Etc. It is usually pretty easy to look at a list and quickly determine which field it is sorted by. However, you don't have to, because it is trivial to change.

List are typically displayed with multiple columns. Each column displays the value of a field. At the top of each column, there is a button that identifies the field name. If you press the button on top of the field, the list will be resorted based on that field. Your first press will sort the entries in ascending order. Press the button a second time, to re-sorted in descending order. If you look carefully at the buttons on top of the columns, there is a small triangle to indicate which column represents the current sort, and whether it is ascending or descending.

Although the top-100 view may seem at first to be a limitation, the design is intentional. It actually offers you two advantages:

  1. The list will load faster on your computer. (Bringing down the information for two thousand customers would take twenty times as long as it does for the top-100.)
  2. The list can be re-sorted very quickly.
Please notice that when you re-sort the list, you are only sorting the 100 (or fewer) entries that are on your computer. If the entry that you are looking for is not in the top-100 list on your computer, you can change that list with the Search button.


If you have two thousand customers, and you want to see all of them, switch to the Report window, and select the "Customer List."

A more common activity will be to find a particular customer. Any place that a list of customers is displayed, you may type the person's first or last name into the search window and hit the Search button. This action will change the contents of the list and display entries from the database that match the name that you gave.

If you can't remember the exact spelling, just type in the first few letters and hit (Enter). If you still have too many entries in the list, try to be more specific.


When you use the LinkEdge Browser App, you are viewing and changing data that exists in a database independent of your personal computer. If you have multiple employees making changes to that data, it is possible that the data in your view may be out-of-date. Similarly, if you make changes in one of the Retail Browser windows, it is not always automatically propagated to the other windows. The Refresh button exists to solve both of these problems. It causes your view to be updated with the most recent information.