4. Activity Launcher

From this part of the Home window, you are able to jump into the correct dialog or window to accomplish the tasks described.

The first two rows of the Activity Launcher are task-oriented short-cuts provided for your convenience. In hopes of making this clearer, here is a list of those short-cuts, and the actions that they cause.

Add Product
[Home, My Business, Items, Products, Add]
Add Service
[Home, My Business, Items, Services, Add]
Add Category
[Home, My Business, Items, Products, (right-mouse-click), Add Category]
Place Order
[Home, My Business, Items, Transactions, Orders, Add]
Receive Shipment
[Buy Window, tool ribbon, Receive Shipment]
Add Vendor
[Home, My Business, Vendors, Add]
Add Sale
[Home, My Business, Items, Transactions, Sales, Add]
Add Refund
[Home, My Business, Items, Transactions, Refunds, Add]
Add Quote
[Home, My Business, Items, Transactions, Quotes, Add]
Add Customer
[Home, My Business, Customers, Add]

The final row (Tools) contains different kinds of commands.

Options are explained here.

The Reconciler is explained here.

Both the Barcode Search tool, and the Activity Launcher will be replaced with a list of people, items or transactions if you make a selection in the left side of the Main window. In order to bring back those two tools, press the [Home, My Business] entry.

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