The Buy Window is where you create purchase orders. The first step is always "Click here to select a vendor." Until you have specified a vendor, LinkEdge Browser App is unable to provide you with the correct product list.

After you have chosen a vendor, you can click on that choice to bring up more information about the vendor and/or your relationship to them. On the pop up dialog titled "Modify Vendor" or "Modify Link" is a second tab titled "Vendor Products" that lists all of the products they offer.

You build a purchase order one product item at a time. If the product has a printed barcode and you have a scanner, you can simply scan an item to add it to the list. Once a product item has been added to the purchase order, you can double click it with the mouse to Modify the quantity field.

After you have chosen all of the products that you would like to order, press the Finish button.

To understand what comes next, it is necessary to understand the difference between an Active Vendor, Catalog-Only Vendor, and a Private vendor.

Advantages of using LinkEdge for purchase orders

When placing an order to a linked, member vendor, we believe the advantages of using LinkEdge are obvious. (No paper, no phone, no fax. Open 24/7.) Here are additional reasons to record orders for catalog-only vendors:

  1. You have an on-line record of both pending orders, and completed orders.
  2. When you receive the physical shipment (from the Home-tab, press the "Receive Shipment" button), your inventory is adjusted upward.
  3. There are several reports (e.g. Order Items Received) to display the information.