About Us

LinkEdge Small Business Management Software is developed and powered by Leum Technologies.

Scott Leum

Scott Leum

President and Founder

Scott was formally trained as a podiatric physician and surgeon. During his residency, he built a medical charting program called PodNotes, which became the flagship product of MediNotes Corporation, a company he co-founded.  Since then, he started 4 additional software companies and has invented numerous products for the retail and medical industries.

Steve Firebaugh

Steve Firebaugh

Software Engineer

Steve worked for Microsoft in the 1990s and has considerable experience developing and testing software. He is a co-owner in Leum Technologies.


Carter Simonson

Mobile App Developer

Carter spends his days as a high school student, and his nights developing mobile apps. He has created mobile apps for Leum Technologies, and for is own projects as well. Carter likes to run.

Jess Murdock

Web Developer

Jess started dabbling in website development in 2007. Since then he has been formally educated in Web and Software development, and gained experience in business while employed at the Viroqua Food Co-op. There is a bright side to every story, share it!